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Calle Buenos Aires 60111 Buenos Aires
Costa Rica

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Villa Lila: Ocean View Luxury Villa, BRAND NEW by navigating our online photo showcase and checking out verified testimonials from earlier guests at worldhotels-in. com.

hacienda el rodeo, el rodeo de ciudad colon de la iglesia catolica 100 mts norte a mano derecha 21560 Rodeo
Costa Rica
from 95,0 US$ - 145,0 US$

Educational and office layouts are meticulously planned to elevate productivity.

Los Sueños Resort and Marina Colina 12E 61101 La Mona
Costa Rica

Unlock an extraordinary visit to Luxury Condo at Los Sueños Resort & Marina with worldhotels-in. com, blending opulence with coziness.

Urbanización San Gerardo casa D9, Bagaces
Costa Rica

Savor the free parking perk reserved for guests at Casa San Gerardo.

Calle Macho Gaff 30802 Trinidad
Costa Rica

Our facility provides an oven for Cabaña de montaña La Hortensia Cerro de La Muerte De La Cañuela Cloudforest Guests, accessible at your convenience.

Calle 41 100MTS Oeste de Iglesia Fátima diagonal al Instituto Cultural Mexicano 18101 Los Yoses
Costa Rica

Begin a love-filled journey in our double rooms, suitable for creating enduring memories together.

calle principal Guayabo de bagaces 50403 Sagrada Familia
Costa Rica

Air-conditioned accommodations are provided to improve your comfort.

Colonia Libertad 00001 Colonia Dos Ríos
Costa Rica

Enjoy the blend of space and comfort in our accommodations for four, making them perfect for family and group outings.

Orotina, Labrador, de la plaza de labrador de orotina, 1,6km al sur y 75 oestemts 20404 Labrador
Costa Rica

Indulge in the tranquil beauty and scenic allure: Our rooms are a peaceful and picturesque escape.

Calle Rojas, Carrillos
Costa Rica

Head over to worldhotels-in. com to smoothly arrange your accommodation at SERENITY BY NATURE, taking advantage of our exclusive rates and promotions.

170m N. de la gasolinera Alfa y Alfa, 250 metros oeste, Heredia, La Virgen, 41002 Tirimbina
Costa Rica

Book effortlessly via our web-based system, gaining access to rich content, photographic journals, directional guides, and feedback from previous visitors to enhance your perspective on our hospitality services.

2 km noreste de la escuela de Chimirol de Rivas 11901 Chimirol
Costa Rica
from 89,0 US$ - 115,0 US$

Reserve your ideal escape at La Cima del Mundo with a simple click on our user-friendly online reservation system at worldhotels-in. com.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Accommodation in Popular Cities in Costa Rica

Visa requirements vary depending on the tourist's country of origin and the purpose of the visit. We recommend checking the current visa requirements on the website of the embassy of Costa Rica or official government websites before planning your trip.

The best time to visit Costa Rica depends on what you are looking for in your trip. Some countries have clearly defined seasons, which can affect tourist attractions, availability, and prices. We recommend checking the climate and seasonal events to choose the best time for your trip.

Costa Rica offers a variety of attractions, including historical landmarks, national parks, museums, beaches, and more. Detailed information about popular spots and attractions can be found in the guide to Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica, there are various public transport options available, including buses, trains, trams, or metro, depending on the region. We recommend using the official public transport websites of Costa Rica for current information and timetables.

Costa Rica is generally considered a safe place for tourists, but we recommend adhering to standard safety precautions such as not displaying valuable items and avoiding dangerous areas, especially at night.

Options to get to the hotel from the airport may include various means of transportation, such as taxis, public transport (buses, trains, subway), hotel shuttles, or car rental. Detailed information about available transportation options and directions is best checked directly on the hotel's website or by contacting the hotel before arrival to learn about assistance in organizing airport transfer.

Yes, many hotels in Costa Rica have their own restaurants or bars. The availability of restaurants or bars can depend on the hotel's category and location. Detailed information about the dining options of a particular hotel can usually be found on its website.

Yes, many hotels in Costa Rica offer a variety of amenities for children to ensure a comfortable stay for families traveling with little ones. Detailed information about the child-friendly amenities offered by individual hotels can be found on their websites.