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  • Mosteiro de Santa María de Sobrado dos Monxes, AC-934, 15813 Sobrado, Spain 11.33 km
  • Pena Furada, Estrada Madrid - A Coruña, 15163 Coirós, Spain 12.84 km
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  • Pazo de Figueiras, DP-4601, 15809 O Foro, Spain 19.34 km
  • Castro da Graña, DP-4604, 15806 Souto, Spain 19.72 km
  • Casa do Foro, DP-4601, 15809 O Foro, Spain 20.52 km
  • Castro das Travesas, AC-542, 15183 O Lago, Spain 21.03 km
  • Pazo de Santa María de Melide, Estrada de Visantoña, 15809 Melide, Spain 24.04 km
  • Igrexa de Santa María de Melide, Estrada de Visantoña, 15809 Melide, Spain 24.07 km
  • Ponte do muíño de Traspedra, Camiño Traspedra, 15809 Melide, Spain 24.89 km
  • Pedrafita do Casal, Camiño da Abelleira, 15809 Melide, Spain 25.08 km
  • Mámoa 1 da necrópole de Monte Grande ou do Grupo Richinol, AC-192, 15800 Melide, Spain 25.72 km
  • Museo Etnográfico San Paio de Narla, LU-P-2105, 27220 Friol, Spain 26.44 km
  • Hospital de Peregrinos do Leboreiro, Calzada Romana, 15809 O Leboreiro, Spain 28.19 km
  • Igrexa de Santa María do Leboreiro, Calzada Romana, 15809 O Leboreiro, Spain 28.2 km
Restaurants and cafes:
  • Hotel - Parrillada TERRA NOVA, AC-840, 10, 15387 Oza dos Ríos, Spain 9.46 km
  • Restaurante La Casilla, Rúa da Amizade, 39, 27300 Guitiriz, Spain 19.37 km
  • Restaurante Casa Teodora, Rúa de Lugo, 38, 15810 Arzúa, Spain 21.83 km
  • Parrillada O Garaxe, AC-221, 15640 Orto, Spain 22.1 km
  • Mesón de Herves, Herves, 15183 Herves, Spain 22.29 km
  • Café-Bar El Recreo, Rúa Castelao, 17, 27380 Guitiriz, Spain 22.37 km
  • El Pantano, Autoestrada do Atlántico, 29, 15640 Orto, Spain 22.47 km
  • Casa Alfredo, Canal, 23, 15650 Cecebre, Spain 24.7 km
  • Anduriña, Apeadeiro, 15650 Cecebre, Spain 24.8 km
  • A Curva, Apeadeiro, 1, 15650 Cecebre, Spain 24.81 km
  • Casa Vila, AC-160, 22, 15637 O Tres, Spain 24.9 km
  • Casa Emerinda, Estrada do Mosteiro de Monfero, 15619 Monfero, Spain 26.03 km
  • Casa Benigno, Rúa Doutor Fleming, 13 y 15, 27220 Friol, Spain 27.32 km
  • Restaurante Orixes, Rúa San Xulián, 21, 27220 Friol, Spain 27.4 km
  • Caprice, Rúa do Morrazo, 15179 Oleiros, Spain 28.13 km
  • Casa do Labrego, Rúa do Museo, 27371 Begonte, Spain 28.84 km
  • Restaurante Galicia, Avenida do Teniente Coronel Jesús Teijeiro, 27371 Begonte, Spain 28.91 km
  • La Explanada, Avenida de Alvedro, 45, 15189 Liñares, Spain 29 km
  • Leonardo, Paseo dos Templarios, 43, 15679 O Temple, Spain 29.81 km
  • A Fonte da Saúde, Rúa do Temple, 45, 15679 O Temple, Spain 29.84 km
Public transport:
  • Avenida dos Irmáns López Sanchez, 15310 Curtis, Spain 3.02 km
  • Apeadoiro de Piñoi, AC-840, 15388 Oza dos Ríos, Spain 7.38 km
  • Rúa da Estación, 1, 15390 Cesuras, Spain 9.61 km
  • Lois-Estación, 15388 Oza dos Ríos, Spain 12.78 km
  • Rúa do Ferrocarril, 27300 Guitiriz, Spain 18.47 km
  • Betanzos-Infesta, AC-542, 15300 Betanzos, Spain 19.38 km
  • Betanzos-Cidade, Rúa Arxentina, 15300 Betanzos, Spain 20.31 km
  • Parga, Rúa Castelao, 27380 Guitiriz, Spain 22.46 km
  • A Florida/Alvite, Estrada de Visantoña, 15809 Melide, Spain 24.31 km
  • Apeadeiro, 15650 Cecebre, Spain 24.78 km
  • Eirexe, Estrada de Visantoña, 15809 Melide, Spain 25.01 km
  • San Martiño de Abaixo, Estrada de Visantoña, 15809 Melide, Spain 25.35 km
  • Direccion Betanzos - Coruña, Rúa da Ponte do Porco, 15630 Miño, Spain 25.5 km
  • Estrada da Estación, 15669 Cambre, Spain 27.47 km
  • Igrexa Nova, Avenida de Barrié de la Maza, 15160 Sada, Spain 28.43 km
  • O Tarabelo, DP-5813, 15168 Sada, Spain 28.57 km
  • Ordes, Vía Verde Compostela-Tambre-Lengüelle, Fosado, Spain 29.09 km
  • Baamonde, Rúa da Estación, 27371 Begonte, Spain 29.12 km
  • Cerceda-Meirama, AC-400, 15185 Meirama, Spain 29.2 km
  • Perbes, DP-4802, 15608 A Vesada, Spain 29.75 km
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  • DP-0103, 15318 Aquelabanda, Spain 21.88 km
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  • Casa da Cultura Pintor Llorens, Avenida do Porto, 15160 Sada, Spain 28.76 km

Frequently Asked Questions about Hotels, Apartments, and Guesthouses in Curtis

In Curtis, there is a wide range of accommodations available, including hotels, apartments, guesthouses, and more, with a total of (5) properties.

Curtis offers many attractions for families with children. As for accommodation, many hotels and apartments provide special amenities for families, such as family rooms, baby cots, and extra beds.

In the town of Curtis, a variety of lodging options are available, including hotels, apartments, guesthouses, hostels, and B&Bs. You can choose from different standards, from luxury hotels to more economical options, catering to every budget and need.

Curtis offers a variety of public transport options. The public transport system is usually well-developed, allowing for easy and convenient city navigation. It is recommended to use available mobile apps or websites to plan journeys and check timetables.

In Curtis, the rules for canceling reservations and changing stay dates may vary depending on the chosen accommodation. We recommend carefully reviewing the reservation conditions before making your final choice.

Accommodation facilities in Curtis implement various safety measures in response to COVID-19, including social distancing rules and disinfection. Detailed information about safety measures can be found on the accommodation's website.

Most tourist places in Curtis have English-speaking staff, and tourist information is often available in several languages. It's also a good idea to have some basic phrases in the local language at hand.

Many hotels and apartments in Curtis offer pet-friendly accommodation options. We recommend checking the pet policy at the accommodation before booking to ensure it meets your needs.

Many accommodation facilities, tourist attractions, and restaurants in Curtis offer special discounts for tourists. It's advisable to check for available tourist cards or discount programs that can provide advantageous prices for accommodation, public transport, as well as tickets to museums and other attractions.