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The photo shows Albergue La Esperanza de la Sagrada Familia located in the city of Melgar de Fernamental.
7.8 /5
Very good
Melgar de Fernamental: 0.76 km
  • Calle Sabiniano Sierra 4 09100 Melgar de Fernamental
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    Featuring a garden, a shared lounge as well as a terrace, Albergue La Esperanza de la Sagrada Familia is located in Melgar de Fernamental, University of Burgos and 48 km from The Burgos Castle. The property is non-smoking and is set 46 km from El Parral Park 29 km from Iglesia de Santa Columba. The property is situated 46 km from Monasterio Santa María Real de las Huelgas, 46 km from...

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    The photo shows Carrecalzada located in the city of Melgar de Fernamental.
    8.6 /5
    Melgar de Fernamental: 2.70 km
    • Embarcadero de Carrecalzada s/n 09100 Melgar de Fernamental
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      At the hotel, rooms are equipped with a desk. With a private bathroom equipped view. At the accommodation all rooms are fitted with bed linen and towels with a shower and free toiletries, rooms at Carrecalzada also have a river...

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      Top attractions:
      • Centro de Interpretación Pisórica, Calle Ribera del Pisuerga, 09100 Melgar de Fernamental, Spain 2.63 km
      • Casa del Cordón, Calle Sabiniano Sierra, 8, 09100 Melgar de Fernamental, Spain 3.04 km
      • Torre de Tagarrosa, BU-V-6113, Melgar de Fernamental, Spain 10.75 km
      • Iglesia de San Pedro Apóstol, Calle Cercas, 09107 Itero de la Vega, Spain 13.87 km
      • Antigua ermita de San Nicolás de Puente Fitero, Puente Fitero, 09107 Itero del Castillo, Spain 14.91 km
      • Iglesia de San Juan, Calle Real de Poniente, 09110 Castrojeriz, Spain 17.46 km
      • Castillo de Castrojeriz, Subida al castillo, 09110 Castrojeriz, Spain 17.7 km
      • Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, Plaza del Rollo, 34490 Boadilla del Camino, Spain 17.77 km
      • Iglesia de San Pedro, Plaza de Tuy, 34440 Frómista, Spain 18.85 km
      • Barco Turístico Juan de Homar, Carretera de Astudillo, 34440 Frómista, Spain 18.94 km
      • Iglesia de San Martín de Tours, Plaza de San Martín, 34440 Frómista, Spain 19.08 km
      • Arco de San Miguel de Mazarreros, BU-610, 09123 Sasamón, Spain 19.24 km
      • Convento de San Antón, Castrojeriz, Castile and León, Spain 19.81 km
      • Pilón y fuente romana, Calle Manzano, 34449 Arconada, Spain 19.89 km
      • Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepción, Calle la Iglesia, 09227 Hontanas, Spain 22.19 km
      • Monumento al Peregrino, Plaza Mayor, 34449 Villalcázar de Sirga, Spain 24.02 km
      • Iglesia de San Lorenzo, Calle San Lorenzo, 09120 Villadiego, Spain 24.87 km
      • Iglesia de San Jorde, PP-2307, 34407 Sotobañado y Priorato, Spain 25.3 km
      • Albergue Municipal Arroyo de San Bol, BU-P-4041, 09227 Iglesias, Spain 25.63 km
      • Torre mirador, Calle Mayor, Lomas, Spain 26.68 km
      Restaurants and cafes:
      • Mesón del Pisuerga, Calle Ribera del Pisuerga, 52, 09100 Melgar de Fernamental, Spain 2.63 km
      • Hostal Puente Fitero, Calle Santa María, 3, 34468 Itero de la Vega, Spain 13.9 km
      • Restaurante Los Chopos, P-236, 34132 Villaherreros, Spain 16.11 km
      • El Lagar, Calle del Cordón, 09110 Castrojeriz, Spain 17.57 km
      • Oliva, Calle del Cordón, 09110 Castrojeriz, Spain 17.64 km
      • Casa Cordón, Calle Landelino Tardajos, 09110 Castrojeriz, Spain 17.67 km
      • En El Camino, Calle Los Francos, 34490 Boadilla del Camino, Spain 17.78 km
      • Cafeteria "En El Camino", Calle Rosario, 8, 34468 Boadilla del Camino, Spain 17.79 km
      • El Patio, Carretera de Hontanas, 09110 Castrojeriz, Spain 17.8 km
      • La Taberna, Calle Real de Oriente, 09110 Castrojeriz, Spain 17.95 km
      • Hotel La Cachava, Calle Real de Oriente, 83, 09110 Castrojeriz, Spain 18.01 km
      • Asador Villa de Frómista, Avenida del Ejército Español, 22, 34440 Frómista, Spain 18.76 km
      • Hostal El Apóstol, Avenida del Ejército Español, 5, 34440 Frómista, Spain 18.77 km
      • Panadería Cafetería Salazar, Calle La Plata, 2, 34440 Frómista, Spain 18.87 km
      • Hostería los Palmeros, Plaza de San Telmo, 4, 34440 Frómista, Spain 18.88 km
      • El Castillo, N-120, 09123 Sasamón, Spain 20 km
      • Albergue Amanecer, P-980, 2, 34447 Villarmentero de Campos, Spain 21.93 km
      • Mesón de Los Templarios, Calle Real, 34449 Villalcázar de Sirga, Spain 24.04 km
      • La Cueva de Mayla, Calle Mayor, 11, 09120 Villadiego, Spain 24.9 km
      • Hostería de San Miguel, Avenida del Arrabal, 31-33, 34430 Piña de Campos, Spain 25.36 km
      Public transport:
      • Plaza del Cid, 09100 Melgar de Fernamental, Spain 2.79 km
      • ALSA Osorno, N-611, 34460 Osorno la Mayor, Spain 5.94 km
      • Estación de Osorno, Avenida Calvo Sotelo, 34460 Osorno la Mayor, Spain 6.37 km
      • Las Cabañas de Castilla, PP-4332, 34469 Osorno la Mayor, Spain 9.04 km
      • Atajo del apeadero, Espinosa de Villagonzalo, Spain 10.85 km
      • Espinosa-El Caballo, PP-2333, 34491 Espinosa de Villagonzalo, Spain 12.2 km
      • PP-4333, 34469 Marcilla de Campos, Spain 13.95 km
      • PP-2323, 34491 San Cristóbal de Boedo, Spain 16 km
      • P-236, 34132 Villasarracino, Spain 17.63 km
      • Calle La Estación, 34440 Frómista, Spain 19.05 km
      • Avenida Ingeniero Rivera, 34440 Frómista, Spain 19.09 km
      • Calle Amadeo Rilova, 09123 Sasamón, Spain 19.52 km
      • P-980, 34440 Población de Campos, Spain 20.99 km
      • P-627, 34400 Herrera de Pisuerga, Spain 21.17 km
      • P-431, 34450 Astudillo, Spain 23.99 km
      • ALSA San Mamés de Campos, N-120, 34120 San Mamés de Campos, Spain 24.45 km
      • Paseo de Don Ángel Pardo Ruiz, 09120 Villadiego, Spain 25.22 km
      • Calle de la Estación, 34430 Piña de Campos, Spain 25.48 km
      • Parada de Bus, P-236, 34475 Villasila de Valdavia, Spain 26.65 km
      Points of interest nearby:
      • Plazoleta de los Hospitaleros, 09110 Castrojeriz, Spain 17.7 km
      • Mini Zoo de aves, Liuis Salvador, 34400 Herrera de Pisuerga, Spain 20.64 km
      • Casa de Cultura de Herrera de Pisuerga, Plaza de Santa Ana, 17, 34400 Herrera de Pisuerga, Spain 20.94 km
      • Auditorio Municipal, Calle Calvario, 09120 Villadiego, Spain 25.34 km

      Frequently Asked Questions about Hotels, Apartments, and Guesthouses in Melgar de Fernamental

      In Melgar de Fernamental, there is a wide range of accommodations available, including hotels, apartments, guesthouses, and more, with a total of (3) properties.

      Melgar de Fernamental offers many attractions for families with children. As for accommodation, many hotels and apartments provide special amenities for families, such as family rooms, baby cots, and extra beds.

      In the town of Melgar de Fernamental, a variety of lodging options are available, including hotels, apartments, guesthouses, hostels, and B&Bs. You can choose from different standards, from luxury hotels to more economical options, catering to every budget and need.

      Melgar de Fernamental offers a variety of public transport options. The public transport system is usually well-developed, allowing for easy and convenient city navigation. It is recommended to use available mobile apps or websites to plan journeys and check timetables.

      In Melgar de Fernamental, the rules for canceling reservations and changing stay dates may vary depending on the chosen accommodation. We recommend carefully reviewing the reservation conditions before making your final choice.

      Accommodation facilities in Melgar de Fernamental implement various safety measures in response to COVID-19, including social distancing rules and disinfection. Detailed information about safety measures can be found on the accommodation's website.

      Most tourist places in Melgar de Fernamental have English-speaking staff, and tourist information is often available in several languages. It's also a good idea to have some basic phrases in the local language at hand.

      Many hotels and apartments in Melgar de Fernamental offer pet-friendly accommodation options. We recommend checking the pet policy at the accommodation before booking to ensure it meets your needs.

      Many accommodation facilities, tourist attractions, and restaurants in Melgar de Fernamental offer special discounts for tourists. It's advisable to check for available tourist cards or discount programs that can provide advantageous prices for accommodation, public transport, as well as tickets to museums and other attractions.