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Top attractions:
  • Castell del Remei, Camí de Linyola a Boldú, 25240 Penelles, Spain 4.25 km
  • Sant Bartomeu de Pugis, Carretera de Pugís, 25737 Cubells, Spain 6.88 km
  • Pilar d'Almenara, LV-3231, 25310 Agramunt, Spain 8.49 km
  • Ciutat ibèrica del Molí d'Espígol, Camí d'Espígol, 25318 Tornabous, Spain 10.38 km
  • Castell de la Ràpita, C-148a, 25617 la Ràpita, Spain 11.37 km
  • Mare de Déu de la Gorga, C-75 Carretera de Tàrrega a Agramunt i Artesa de Segre C-14, 25730 Preixens, Spain 11.71 km
  • Castell de Montclar, Carrer dels Barons de Montclar, 25310 Agramunt, Spain 11.89 km
  • Xalet Gramunt, Carrer de Pere III, 25600 Balaguer, Spain 13.51 km
  • Castell Formós, Carrer de Bernat Galí, 25600 Balaguer, Spain 13.79 km
  • Castell de Montfalcó, Plaça Major, 25318 Ossó de Sió, Spain 13.81 km
  • Castell de Claravalls, Carrer del Castell, 25353 Tàrrega, Spain 14.74 km
  • Castell de Castellnou d'Ossó, Carrer de l'Església, 25318 Ossó de Sió, Spain 14.94 km
  • Castell de Camarasa, Carrer del Dipòsit, 25592 Camarasa, Spain 15.01 km
  • Castell de Bellpuig, Plaça del Castell, 25250 Bellpuig, Spain 15.1 km
  • Castell de Montsonís, Plaça de l'Església, 25737 Foradada, Spain 15.19 km
  • Ermita de Sant Jordi, Camí de Sant Jordi, 25592 Camarasa, Spain 15.44 km
  • Castell de Malagastre, Camí d'Artesa de Segre a Rubió de Baix, 25737 Foradada, Spain 15.81 km
  • Castell de Tudela, Carrer del Castell, 25739 Artesa de Segre, Spain 16.07 km
  • Castell de Rubió, Carretera d'Artesa de Segre a Alòs de Balaguer, 25737 Alòs de Balaguer, Spain 16.76 km
  • Mare de Déu del castell de Sant Llorenç, Camí del Castell, 25592 Camarasa, Spain 16.79 km
Restaurants and cafes:
  • La Guspira, Carrer d'Isabel II, 19, 25240 Linyola, Spain 7.24 km
  • Gismat Music Bar, Plaça del Planell, 3, 25240 Linyola, Spain 7.46 km
  • Cal Amat Restaurant, Carrer del Riu Sió, 3, 25617 la Sentiu de Sió, Spain 8.96 km
  • Hostal Restaurant Roma, C-26, Km 40, 25737 Cubells, Spain 10.66 km
  • Restaurant el Faro, C-148a, 2, 25600 la Ràpita, Spain 11.62 km
  • Bar Restaurant Xaloc, Carrer de la Marinada, 5-6, 25600 Balaguer, Spain 12.42 km
  • El Dien, Carrer de l'Estació, 28, 25680 Vallfogona de Balaguer, Spain 12.69 km
  • Cafeteria Barbar, Carrer de Barcelona, 64, 25600 Balaguer, Spain 13.19 km
  • Restaurant Cal Xirricló, Carrer del Doctor Fleming, 53, 25600 Balaguer, Spain 13.29 km
  • LASAL, Carrer del Doctor Fleming, 37, 25600 Balaguer, Spain 13.3 km
  • Restaurant A Foc Lent, Plaça del Mercadal, 37, 25600 Balaguer, Spain 13.65 km
  • Restaurant Can Pere, C-13, SN, 25613 Camarasa, Spain 14.84 km
  • Sala One, Carrer de Sant Isidori, 20, 25230 Mollerussa, Spain 15.08 km
  • La Tagliatella, Avinguda de la Generalitat, 22, 25230 Mollerussa, Spain 15.11 km
  • Literari, Avinguda de la Generalitat, 18, 25230 Mollerussa, Spain 15.14 km
  • La Il·lusió, Carrer de Prat de la Riba, 4, 25230 Mollerussa, Spain 15.14 km
  • Braseria La Noguesa, Ronda de Sant Pere, 50, 25230 Mollerussa, Spain 15.48 km
  • Restaurant Xinès Susana, Carrer de Sant Jordi, 8, 25230 Mollerussa, Spain 15.74 km
  • "Mirador del Llac", Passeig del Segre, 19, 25613 Camarasa, Spain 15.94 km
  • La Boscana, LV-3311, 25142 Bellvís, Spain 16.76 km
Public transport:
  • l'Hostalnou, Carrer d'Urgell, 25617 Vallfogona de Balaguer, Spain 12.3 km
  • Santa Maria de Montmagastrell, Carrer del Migdia, 25354 Tàrrega, Spain 12.52 km
  • Carrer de la Noguera Pallaresa, 25600 Balaguer, Spain 12.93 km
  • C-13, 25617 Vallfogona de Balaguer, Spain 13.07 km
  • Carrer de l'Estació, 25617 Vallfogona de Balaguer, Spain 13.2 km
  • C-26, 25737 Foradada, Spain 13.27 km
  • Camí de l'Estació, 25265 Castellnou de Seana, Spain 13.37 km
  • Passeig de l'Estació, 5, 25241 Golmés, Spain 13.82 km
  • Plaça de l'Estació, 25250 Bellpuig, Spain 14.47 km
  • Estació d'autobusos de Bellpuig, Avinguda de Lleida, 25250 Bellpuig, Spain 14.48 km
  • LV-9048, 25610 Gerb, Spain 14.62 km
  • Claravalls, Carretera d'Artesa de Segre, 25353 Tàrrega, Spain 14.62 km
  • Plaça de l'Estació, 4, 25230 Mollerussa, Spain 15.08 km
  • Carrer de l'Estació, 25320 Anglesola, Spain 15.58 km
  • Carretera de Sant Llorenç de Montgai a l'Estació, 25592 Camarasa, Spain 16.32 km
  • Altet, Plaça de l'Eslgésia, 25350 Tàrrega, Spain 16.89 km
Points of interest nearby:
  • Sala B, Carrer del Carme, 25240 Penelles, Spain 17 m
  • Carretera de Castellserà, 25240 Penelles, Spain 35 m
  • Ronda dels Comtes d'Urgell, 25310 Agramunt, Spain 11.69 km
  • La Mercantil, Carrer de la Noguera Pallaresa, 40, 25600 Balaguer, Spain 12.95 km
  • Teatre municipal de Balaguer, Carrer d'Àngel Guimerà, 24, 25600 Balaguer, Spain 13.67 km
  • Teatre Armengol, Carrer d'Isabel de Casanoves, 25250 Bellpuig, Spain 14.98 km
  • Teatre l'Amistat, Carrer de l'Onze de Setembre, 25230 Mollerussa, Spain 15.29 km
  • Espai Cultural dels Canals d'Urgell, Avinguda de Jaume I, 25230 Mollerussa, Spain 15.54 km

Frequently Asked Questions about Hotels, Apartments, and Guesthouses in Penellas

In Penellas, there is a wide range of accommodations available, including hotels, apartments, guesthouses, and more, with a total of (5) properties.

Penellas offers many attractions for families with children. As for accommodation, many hotels and apartments provide special amenities for families, such as family rooms, baby cots, and extra beds.

In the town of Penellas, a variety of lodging options are available, including hotels, apartments, guesthouses, hostels, and B&Bs. You can choose from different standards, from luxury hotels to more economical options, catering to every budget and need.

Penellas offers a variety of public transport options. The public transport system is usually well-developed, allowing for easy and convenient city navigation. It is recommended to use available mobile apps or websites to plan journeys and check timetables.

In Penellas, the rules for canceling reservations and changing stay dates may vary depending on the chosen accommodation. We recommend carefully reviewing the reservation conditions before making your final choice.

Accommodation facilities in Penellas implement various safety measures in response to COVID-19, including social distancing rules and disinfection. Detailed information about safety measures can be found on the accommodation's website.

Most tourist places in Penellas have English-speaking staff, and tourist information is often available in several languages. It's also a good idea to have some basic phrases in the local language at hand.

Many hotels and apartments in Penellas offer pet-friendly accommodation options. We recommend checking the pet policy at the accommodation before booking to ensure it meets your needs.

Many accommodation facilities, tourist attractions, and restaurants in Penellas offer special discounts for tourists. It's advisable to check for available tourist cards or discount programs that can provide advantageous prices for accommodation, public transport, as well as tickets to museums and other attractions.